Covid Trip Insurance Coverage for USA Residents

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Who is Covac Global?

Covac Global is the pioneer for pandemic evacuation and repatriation membership program

What is the program designed for?
To cover those who contract COVID-19 while traveling

*January 11 2022 Update: No Hospitalization Required. Triggers for Covid evacuation include: Positive PCR test and Medically Prudent to Avoid Member Hospitalization.

What are the triggers to be transported?
Members present a positive PCR test and must exhibit one or more symptoms (including but not limit to: fatigue, headache, fever, or chills)

Do you require the member to be hospitalized?

Is there a ‘hold’ period before I can use my membership? Can I buy this to use immediately?
There is a 14-day hold period before a membership is ‘active.’ This is to prevent someone from buying our membership who is already knowingly positive. The hold period ends at 11:59 pm 14 calendar days after your purchase date.

What is the process of using a membership?
Once the purchase is made there is a 14-day ‘hold’ period. After that hold period the membership can be used (the membership is ‘active’). Membership days can be used for any point that the membership is ‘active’ (for 12 months, or 1 year and 2 weeks after the purchase date). Membership days need to be notified to Covac Global at any time, but not later than one calendar day before a trip that you want covered. Notification of travel days can be during the hold period so long as the dates are after the hold period has ended and the membership is ‘active’.

Do you exclude pre-existing conditions?
No. Covac Global is is a membership program, not a health nor a travel insurance plan.

What is the Annual Coverage Limit for evacuation and repatriation?
$250,000 per membership

How Many Transports Does the $250,000 Annual Limit Cover?

Will you transport the other family members that purchased the membership if someone in the party contracts COVID-19?
Yes, 99% of the time.

We follow the guidance of our flight doctor and medical staff. If it is not in the best interest of the health and safety of our member to have others on board who have not met the “triggers’ for the benefits, then they can fly home commercially. When there is space on board and is does not risk health and safety, we can transport other members of the party

How do you get them back home?
We handle all logistics of ambulances and air ambulances to get our member’s home. We have partnerships with registered air ambulances, located around the globe for quick access to our members including transportation to and from the airport

Will there be any physicians or nurses on board?
Yes. We have a flight doctor and any other medical staff needed for the health and safety of our members

Will you take them back to their home country?
We will arrange for medical transport all the way back to the member’s home (or doctor’s office or hospital if necessary) Not just the closest port of entry

How old does someone need to be to purchase an individual membership?
21. Individuals under the age of 21 can be included on a family plan when the primary family member is over 21

How far in advance do you have to purchase the membership?
Members must purchase their membership at least 14 days in advance of first trip

How do I activate my membership?
Submit your travel dates in advance of your trip here to make sure you receive benefits on that trip

How many days can I travel for on a 15-, 30-, 60- or 90-day membership?
14 days is the maximum trip length. If you would be traveling longer than 14 days, we encourage you to call our membership team so that we might engineer a different solution

What countries can purchase the memberships?
Residents of the US & Canada

Do you plan on having a domestic product?
Yes, we are working on that and should have it in the coming weeks. We are also planning on introducing a series of other products not COVID related

Are there any restrictions on the membership?

  • Countries that have an active government mandated stay-at-home order
  • Traveling on a cruise ship
  • Attending a large-scale public gathering
  • Civil unrest
  • War
  • Terrorism
  • Must have a valid legal passport or visa to be transported

Do you cover expats?

Does Covac Global have their own fleet of air ambulances or private jets? who is the partner they use?
COVAC GLOBAL provides emergency medical transportation around the globe. We maintain a network of vetted air ambulance providers and resources around the world to ensure access to the safest, most appropriate aircraft and medical crew. We are not beholden to our own fleet and can offer members flexibility of providers located in various areas of the world

Can potential members find out destination information before purchasing a policy? For example, which countries are not allowing travelers in.
Currently Covac Global does not restrict travel to any country. We would suggest anyone who is not a member and requesting to better understand what the current travel restrictions are prior to purchasing, to review the updated information on the site for current travel warnings, advisories, and restrictions.

How does the membership maneuver with the current CDC guidelines?
We follow the CDC guidelines for air ambulances and are bringing you into the country under the care of the flight doctor and global health Director. You will still need to follow all state regulations including quarantines and immigration processes

What exactly are all the medical requirements for a traveler who tested positive to receive air ambulance transport?
COVID positive travelers are not currently authorized to be transported via commercial flight, so any transportation would be completed via a medical repatriation flight. Covac Global customers are required to test positive for COVID 19 via PCR test and be exhibiting at least one symptom (as listed by CDC/WHO) to be eligible for transportation. Additionally, travelers must also be fit for air travel as defined on a case-by-case basis.

Are name changes allowed if changing before date of departure?
Name updates such as “I got married and changed my name” are fine. New members should buy separate policies. We do not “share” membership days

If a member had a transport one time, can they buy a second membership to travel again?
Yes, they would buy a new membership and be covered for the new trip still regardless.

Traveling member traveled to and is currently in a country that has issued an official stay at home mandate. If this mandate is NOT in place PRIOR to their arrival, would they have transport services if they are diagnosed with COVID?
Yes, as long as this was done during a covered trip (after their arrival). To be clear, Covac Global must comply with all laws and other mandates and if something is preventing air ambulances from travel that would restrict the member’s benefits.

Are Yachts considered under the cruise ship exclusion in the membership?
Small luxury yachts are not excluded.

If someone dies before the trip, is the membership refundable?

Are you covering the COVID variants?

Are you disqualified if you have already had the vaccine?

If the policy has been purchased, but trip has been cancelled prior to starting travel, will they be refunded?
Our memberships are not trip dependent. Often, our members choose to buy this for a specific trip and end up using it on several different trips as they may come up

Do you service clients on Safari who may be at a remote lodge in the Bush?

What if a second or third family member becomes ill days after the initial person falls ill? Do you bring them home afterwards too?

Will you fly clients if they have had a stroke? I know flights are riskier for people with clotting issues. It may not be that they are near death but that are at more of risk due to the flight.
Yes, the patient must be fit-to-fly as judged by our flight doctor, but we do not discriminate based on pre-existing conditions. is a division of

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